Open positions

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Experimental evaluation of a pivoting bridge steering mechanism

Partner: Athena Technology Subject: Vehicle dynamics, controls, mechanisms design, prototyping. Open-position: MScA starting Jan. 2021

The goal of the project is to investigate the potential of a pivoting bridge steering mechanism and developing adapted control algorithms. A small scale vehicle prototype will be developed for experimental tests.

Development of a fleet of mobile robots for collaborative handling of large industrial loads in challenging environments

Partner: Movex Subject: Mobile robots, mechanism design, controls, prototyping. Open-position: MScA Starting TBD Website:

The goal of the project is to develop the hardware and the software necessary for having a fleet of small off-road mobile robots handling together a large load. A compliant interface and control schemes for coordinating all the robots will be developed.

Variable transmission actuators for wearable robots

Subject: Actuators, mechanical design, system dynamics, robotics, controls. Open-position: MScA / PhD January 2021

See the full project description here.

Impedance and admittance controllers for traction drive actuators

Partner: Vectis Subject: Controls, actuators, electric motors. Open-position: MScA / Interns Starting Mai. 2021 Mitacs Internships at the compagny

The goal of the project is to elaborate, program, test and evaluate control schemes aiming to program compliant behavior for Vectis traction-drive actuators, from the low-level motor control to the high-level system controller.

Advanced driving assistance for off-road vehicles

Partner: BRP Subject: Controls, sensing, estimation, vehicle dynamics. Open-position: MScA / PhD starting TBD

The goal of this project is to develop advanced safety features for off-road vehicle based on the latest robotic technologies.

Advanced drone controllers for autonomous electric line inspection

Partner: Hydro-quebec Subjects: Controls, sensing, estimation, drone dynamics. Open-position: MScA / PhD starting TBD

The goal of this project is to make autonomous the LineDrone developed by Hydro-Quebec. Control challenges to address include high-bandwidth localisation of the drone with respect to the cable, robust motion controller that can resist wind gusts, planing trajectories in uncertain environments.

Development of actuated assistance mechanisms for patient lifts

Partner: Arjo Subject: Controls, actuators, haptics. Open-position: TBD