Robots modeling, analysis and controls

Lecture notes (in French) : Modélisation, analyse et commande des systèmes robotisés

Includes (so far):

  • Robot forward kinematic with a vector-based approach
  • Robot differential kinematic
  • Robot quasi-static controls:
    • End-effector force control
    • End-effector position control
    • Impedance and admittance control
  • Linear algebra for robotics

Youtube short lectures series (in french):

Related UdeS Classes:

  • Robot kinematic : GRO203
  • Linear algebra : GRO210, GRO211
  • Robot differential kinematic and quasi-static controls: GRO640
  • Robotic system control: GMC705

Python library: 

  • A toolbox for analysis and simulation of
    • non-linear dynamical systems
    • phase-plane analysis
    • non-linear control schemes
    • robot controllers
    • trajectory planification
    • optimal controller synthesis
    • adaptive controllers